White Noise Sizzle!

REVIEW: Chicago Sun-Times


The more outrageous and bile-filled you are, the more successful and media-worthy you will likely become. That seems to be the unavoidable message of much contemporary pop culture. The examples of the phenomenon are ever-present and continually in your face. And while there are plenty who decry the situation, too often they also hungrily feed on it, becoming parasitic purveyors of the very thing they claim to detest.

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REVIEW: Chicago Now


Volatile/Pageantry! Discordant/Harmonious! Horrific/Sensation! Whoopi Goldberg and friends present the world premiere of WHITE NOISE, a musical about falling into hate.  White supremacists are crusading for a better life. A Connecticut duo are celebrating a better life.  A music mogul sees the commercial viability in both acts with some major adjustments.  The Neo-Nazis go the pop-star route changing their tune from ‘Niggers Suck’ to ‘Mondays Suck.’  The modern-day Huxtables go gangsta rap switching up ‘Life, Liberty and Happiness’ for ‘Niggers Gonna Kill the White Boy.‘ The chart-busting results fester unsung conflict.  The Nazi sisters and Blood Brothers want to be true to their message. Who are the more unconscionable: the believers, the sellers, or the buyers of hate?  WHITE NOISE dazzles with a head-nodding, toe-tapping, shoulder-swaying beat… until the ‘Welcome to Auschwitz’ lyrics stiffen the experience.

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Whoopi’s New Musical Raises Issues of Race in Schools


Here’s a reality check for all those who think today’s students simply need better teachers, more seat time and higher test scores:

  • A Utah high school student wears a pillowcase resembling a Ku Klux Klan hood to a spirit day rally; shortly after, a mixed-race student blogs about it, and other students receive hostile and racially tinged texts. An image of a burning cross is sent via cell phone.

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Chicago Sun-Times: “White Noise” Whoopi Goldberg, Sergio Trujillo team up for musical with a message’


It was an ABC News story from 2005 that contained the seeds for “White Noise,” the new rock musical that opens April 9 at the Royal George Theatre with Whoopi Goldberg on board as a lead producer, a cast of 19 under the direction of Sergio Trujillo (choreographer of “Jersey Boys,” “Memphis,” “The Addams Family” and more) and plans for a Broadway transfer already well under way.

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Oy!Chicago: ‘White Noise’


White Noise, the new raw rock musical, isn’t Mary Poppins—that’s for sure. Don’t expect your usual romp at the theater. An original musical, White Noise, opening in Chicago at the Royal George Theatre in April, is gritty and provocative and explores in-your-face issues of bigotry and hatred.

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Windy City Times: ‘Sergio Trujillo makes some ‘Noise’ with Whoopi’


It’s easy to write off a Broadway musical’s dancing chorus. They’re just moving scenery on stage to make the star look good, right?

However, be sure to keep your eyes peeled on those talented dancers who might rise in the ranks to become the next generation of Broadway choreographers. And if they’re extra-talented, those dancers may even become director/choreographers like the late Broadway legends Bob Fosse and Michael Bennett, or current-day Tony Award-winners like Tommy Tune, Susan Stroman, Jerry Mitchell and Rob Ashford.

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Chicago Mag: ‘The Five’


#1:  File under “Biggest Audience Anxiety Producer That Will Draw Crowds Nonetheless.” Inspired by the white-supremacist pop of the blond-haired, blue-eyed sisters of the real-life preteen duo Prussian Blue—who looked like Disney princesses and sounded like Klansmen—this musical comes courtesy of producer Whoopi Goldberg and Broadway choreographer–turned-director Sergio Trujillo (The Addams Family, Jersey Boys).

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Time Out Chicago: ‘White Noise opens at the Royal George Theatre’


“What I’ve discovered over the last year is that this story has no likable characters. Essentially, everyone’s a sellout in this show.”

That’s what director and choreographer Sergio Trujillo said to me in January about White Noise, the new rock musical he’s helming. “We’re not doing a traditional Broadway show with a love story or a hero,” he continued on the phone from New York on the day the long-in-the-works Chicago production officially announced its booking at the Royal George, with an eye toward Broadway.

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Douglas Sills Makes Some Noise

TheaterMania (1)

via TheaterMania.com

Tony Award nominee Douglas Sills has been away from Broadway for quite a while, although fans remember his acclaimed performances in such shows as Little Shop of Horrors and The Scarlet Pimpernel. He has returned to the world of musical theater as the ruthless record producer Max in the world premiere of the Broadway-bound musical White Noise, which begins an eight-week run at Chicago’s The Royal George Theatre on April 1. TheaterMania recently spoke with Sills about the show.