REVIEW: Chicago Now

Volatile/Pageantry! Discordant/Harmonious! Horrific/Sensation! Whoopi Goldberg and friends present the world premiere of WHITE NOISE, a musical about falling into hate.  White supremacists are crusading for a better life. A Connecticut duo are celebrating a better life.  A music mogul sees the commercial viability in both acts with some major adjustments.  The Neo-Nazis go the pop-star route changing their tune from ‘Niggers Suck’ to ‘Mondays Suck.’  The modern-day Huxtables go gangsta rap switching up ‘Life, Liberty and Happiness’ for ‘Niggers Gonna Kill the White Boy.‘ The chart-busting results fester unsung conflict.  The Nazi sisters and Blood Brothers want to be true to their message. Who are the more unconscionable: the believers, the sellers, or the buyers of hate?  WHITE NOISE dazzles with a head-nodding, toe-tapping, shoulder-swaying beat… until the ‘Welcome to Auschwitz’ lyrics stiffen the experience.

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